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disgaea 6

Meet Zed: Star Of Disgaea 6

by Peter Paltridgeon December 4, 2020
Can the Disgaea series ever be stopped? Will it outlive us all? The sixth installment is on its way to Nintendo Switch next summer, and we found out a lot about it this week…the storyline, the gameplay and more. As the game opens, the Darkest Assembly is in turmoil over the threat of the God […]
disgaea 1 complete

E3 2018: Disgaea 1 Complete Coming October 9 To Switch, PS4

by Peter Paltridgeon June 13, 2018
When is Disgaea 1 Complete coming to Switch and Playstation 4? We found out the answer today. On October 9, how many penguins can you annihilate while riding the bus? The Disgaea series has been around since 2003 and won millions of fans, earning four sequels and a direct continuation of the original, Disgaea D2. […]

disgaea 5

Disgaea 5 Complete Is Selling Like Crazy Before It’s Even Out

by Peter Paltridgeon May 17, 2017
There is hope that Japanese RPGs are climbing out of their sales slump. Persona 5 sold literally millions of copies in America after it was finally made available last month, and now we’re getting word that Disgaea 5 — regarded as a niche title — has a ridiculous 110,000 preorders to its name across the […]
disgaea 2

Disgaea 2 Announced For Steam

by Peter Paltridgeon August 24, 2016
Nippon Ichi Software is adding to its Steam library with the announcement of an upcoming port for Disgaea 2. The original Disgaea made its debut on Steam last February; it appears Disgaea 2 will take just as long given its vague release window of 2017. It may seem like Disgaea is available on every playable […]

NIS America Will No Longer Localize Atlus Games

by Peter Paltridgeon April 26, 2016
It was announced earlier this year that Sega had established ownership of Atlus Games, publishers of delightfully niche JRPGs like Persona and the Disgaea series. It comes as no surprise then, that NIS America won’t be localizing any more of them. They have their own ability to do that now. Henceforth, says NIS America managing […]

Disgaea Is Coming To PC, Dood

by Peter Paltridgeon November 16, 2015
You’ve been able to play games from the Disgaea series on nearly every platform since the whole thing started on the Playstation 2, with the exception of the PC. Who knows why, but NIS has waited until now to take the first step in catching up with the new Disgaea PC, coming to Steam. Disgaea […]

Disgaea 5 Release Date Announced

by Peter Paltridgeon June 27, 2015
Awesome news, dood! Disgaea is officially returning this fall on Playstation 4, and NIS America announced the US release date today: October 6, 2015. The plot isn’t as important as the ridiculously addictive gameplay, but here’s the setup for this installment, courtesy of NIS America, if you’re interested: As a new and terrible Overlord named […]