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Borderlands 3 Update Brings More Difficulty

by Todd Blackon November 22, 2019
Is there anything new to do in Borderlands 3? Anything to challenge players? For those who are eager to get their hands on some new content for Borderlands 3, you’re in luck. Update 4 has come to the game, and with it comes the arrival of a new difficulty mode called Mayhem 4. The team […]

Borderlands 3 Writing Team Teases What Might Be Next For Franchise

by Todd Blackon August 16, 2019
What comes after Borderlands 3? Will there be more? To say that Borderlands 3 is a long time coming is a bit of an understatement. It’s been coming for YEARS, and fans have been waiting for YEARS. Sure enough, the writing team did an interview recently talking about the game. And they confirmed that Borderlands […]

Borderlands 3 Gets 14-minute Intro Video

by Todd Blackon August 6, 2019
What’s new from Borderlands 3? Any new looks at the game? Borderlands 3 continues to get hyped as the game races towards its release date. And now, IGN has gotten hold of the game and showed off the first 14 minutes of the title. So if you’re curious how it starts, watch the video below.

Troy Baker Won’t Return For Borderlands 3

by Todd Blackon April 11, 2019
What’s going on with Borderlands 3? And what’s this about Troy Baker? Borderlands 3 is finally coming out after a LONG delay and many issues behind the scenes. But apparently, those issues have continued with the VO cast, as one of the stalwarts of the series, Troy Baker, won’t return. He’s been Rhys in the […]

PAX East: Battleborn To Have Borderlands 3 Easter Eggs In DLC

by Todd Blackon April 22, 2016
Battleborn may be the next game coming from Gearbox, however, they’re prepared to give players of the game a glimpse of Borderlands 3 via the DLC for the game. This was announced at PAX East via Gearbox’s presentation, where they noted that players are “encouraged” to look for secret Easter Eggs within the Battleborn DLC […]