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Here’s a Strong Hint The Elder Scrolls Online Might Go Free-To-Play

by on January 2, 2015

Is free-to-play the future of MMORPGs? After experiencing some free-to-play MMORPGs that get dangerously close to a “pay-to-win” model, I’m not so sure.

But some people certainly think so. And The Elder Scrolls Online was heavily criticized by those people when it launched last year with a traditional subscription model instead of a free-to-play scheme. Those people may get their wish soon.

As PC Gamer reports, ZeniMax has pulled its six month subscription option from its site. All that are left are options up to 90 days.

That’s a familiar pattern, as other MMORPGs have yanked longer subs before going free-to-play. It’s also worth noting that the console release of the game is still planned for this year, so it would make sense to make the switch at that time.

Going free-to-play would most likely make The Elder Scrolls Online more active, but would it make it a better game? For now, that’s a question for the Divines.

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