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  • The Final Blood-Soaked Episode of COPS: Skyrim The Final Blood-Soaked Episode of COPS: Skyrim
    The fifth and final season of COPS: Skyrim comes to an end, with all suspects guilty until proven innocent in a court of law. Not that it matters, as you’ll see by the end.
    Officer Jenkins, the star of the show, was fired and has been on a murdering spree this season. And it only escalates here. Will anyone be spared from his madness? Maybe his dog.
    Also, guest appearance by one of the worst stripper mods ever.
    This series by Bryan Basham and Jeff Hatz has been a hilarious ride. It’s sad to see it come to an end, but at least ...
  • Skyrim Piano Medley Will Brighten Your Day Skyrim Piano Medley Will Brighten Your Day
    Are there pianos in Skyrim? I’ve never seen one. If not, that’s sad, because Skyrim citizens will never get to hear this lovely piano medley of Skyrim music by Thomas Klungland.
    Skyrim music is one of the things that most evokes the emotion of the game for me, and Klungland has captured it here, albeit in a lighter form.
    Klungland says that for a limited time he’ll have the music available for download.

  • Mod Turns Skyrim Into a Creepy Wasteland Mod Turns Skyrim Into a Creepy WastelandWith Bethesda’s involvement in the Fallout series, it’s only logical that someone would take “Skyrim” and “apocalypse” and put the two together. So here’s an unusual mod that takes the vibrant and varied landscapes of Skyrim and turns them into a harsh, blighted wasteland. 

    The mod doesn’t transform all of Skyrim, it’s mostly focused on the eastern half. At this point the mod is mostly lighting and texture changes intended to create creepy “horror-like” effect, but the mod creator Vendayn eventually plans to add ruins to complete the effect.

    “My goal is to add a lot of destruction to the world…in part, to ...

  • Wii U Zelda Captures a Bit of That Skyrim Feel Wii U Zelda Captures a Bit of That Skyrim Feel
    What’s the first game that gave you that “Skyrim feeling?” That feeling that you’ve got a whole huge world to explore laid out in front of you and you can do whatever you want?
    For me, and I’m sure for a lot of gamers, it was The Legend of Zelda for the NES. Zelda was always an “open-world” game, but as time marched on and the series moved into 3D, that openness shrunk more and more to manageable, bite-sized chunks that would fit in the memory of Nintendo’s consoles. And Elder Scrolls and other games were where I turned to get that ...
  • Amazing Skyrim Dragon Priest Cosplay Amazing Skyrim Dragon Priest Cosplay
    I’ve seen Dragon Priest cosplay before, but nothing on the level of what Daniel (yeah, he just goes by Daniel) has pulled off here. This is cosplay on a higher level.

    The costume cuts a definitely imposing figure. Daniel has added light-up LEDs to his staff. He’s even gone barefoot for extra realism.

    Here’s a look at the Dragon Priest mask mold under construction in wax.
    And here’s Daniel’s deviantART gallery, where you can see this and several other of his Elder Scrolls creations.

  • Bethesda’s Todd Howard on the History and Design Philosophy of the Elder Scrolls Games Bethesda's Todd Howard on the History and Design Philosophy of the Elder Scrolls Games
    Here’s a nice long interview with Todd Howard, Game Director and Executive Producer at Bethesda. It’s by a German outlet, so there’s a lot of talk about what German food he likes right up front, but he eventually gets into the meat of talking about Bethesda’s goal of “offering you worlds to explore.”
    Howard strikes a hopefully note for continuing Bethesda’s tradition of deep games, disagreeing with the notion that gamers only want “casual” games. Instead, Howard said, gamers want deep games that reward them, such as Skyrim.
    “I think that audience is large and growing,” Howard said.
    When asked what games he ...
  • Explore Daedric Ruins in New Skywind Trailer Explore Daedric Ruins in New Skywind Trailer
    The joy of Morrowind was that it was so weird. In some ways very much like an alien world. For me transitioning from silt striders and strangeness to the more generic fantasy environment of Oblivion was a sort of aesthetic whiplash, and one of the reasons Oblivion captured my imagination slightly less than Morrowind.
    The Skywind team, which seeks to recreate Morrowind in the Skyrim engine, seems to get that. Their latest video focuses on the Daedric Ruins in Morrowind, one of the weirder things you can come across. Ported into the Skyrim engine, they look quite beautiful, and that essential ...
  • Skyrim Theme on Acoustic Guitar Skyrim Theme on Acoustic Guitar
    I have a love-hate relationship with Skyrim’s bards. They add a lot to the atmosphere of the game, but after a few dozen hours of questing, the handful of songs they sing gets old.
    It might not be so bad if you could request they play instrumentals, like this.
    Here’s a fantastic acoustic cover of Skyrim’s main menu theme from Rhys Ian Harris. Awesome to see this closeup guitar work. Definitely worth a listen, so check it out.
  • Which Weather-Enhancing Mod is Best? Which Weather-Enhancing Mod is Best?
    So you want to change the weather in Skyrim. Because the godlike powers of modding have gone to your head and just because you can. But which mod should you use to change it?
    Hawx Gaming breaks it down for you in this nice comparison of two popular weather-changing mods, Climates of Tamriel and Pure Weather.
    Hawx puts the more established Climates of Tamriel on top overall, but he does call Pure Weather a “nice change” with its own advantages.
    If you don’t want to take his word for it, you can get Pure Weather here. And Climates of Tamriel here.
  • New Cops: Skyrim Runs The Old Raffle Sting New Cops: Skyrim Runs The Old Raffle Sting
    The beauty of COPS: Skyrim from the Nerdist channel is how close it gets to actual reality cop shows. If you’re a fan of Cops, uh, not Skyrim, or similar shows, these scenarios are instantly familiar, from the standard domestic violence call to the weirdos and perverts.
    My favorite in this latest season five episode is the Skyrim version of the old raffle sting. In real life, that’s when the cops call up a bunch of people with outstanding warrants and tell them they won a big prize. They all show up happily to claim their prize, and then they get ...