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New Skyrim Mod Adds Splatoon Gun

by on August 26, 2015

Elements from Splatoon have been modded into various other games over the past few months, and now it’s Skyrim’s turn.

A Japanese modder who goes by the name Higeyoshi has developed and released “Peryitoon,” a modification that adds the Splattershot gun from Splatoon to the weapons arsenal in Skyrim. It really works and it really blankets everything it touches in ink. Have a few looks:

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It also functions as a weapon. According to Higeyoshi, in the Elder Scrolls universe the Splattershot “harnesses the divine protection of Peryite and fires a powerful poison that weakens enemy health.” Plus, it’s just fun to run around painting everything one large blotch at a time. Do you really need an in-game reason?

Which is why, eventually, every game in existence that can be modded to have a Splatoon gun will eventually have one. Higeyoshi also made a video of the Skyrim Splattershot in action. Check it out below.

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