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The ‘Sky is the Limit’ with the Skyrim Memory Patch, Just Don’t Crash

by on January 20, 2014

Skyrim Memory Patch

Want to look out into a more beautiful Skyrim horizon? Install more mods at once? Have more characters onscreen? The Skyrim Memory Patch, which was recently uploaded to the ENB forums, can do that and more by removing some of Skyrim’s last-generation memory limits.

Okay, maybe it will also destroy your savegames and fry your computer if you overdo it, as the user who posted the fix, sheson, makes abundantly clear several times. But what’s life without a little risk?

Building on earlier tweaks, sheson’s patch allows Skyrim to use much larger memory blocks than the vanilla game. More memory can allow users to do neat things like set a higher uGrids value. The uGrids value determines how many exterior world cells are loaded in high detail at once.

This setting has often been tweaked by modders and Skyrim players, but the Skyrim Memory Patch allows a whole new level of customization.

The default uGrids value is 5. Sheson claims that with the patch he has been able to increase the value to 17/19 and run 100 mods and texture packs at once. He then immediately warns that those who try the patch need to use caution and common sense.

“You understand the consequences. It will fry your hardware, mess up your save game and you will never be able to have kids again. It is your responsibility to find out what is safe for your setup,” sheson writes.

Using the patch requires some relatively beefy hardware, some technical knowledge, and an understanding of the risks involved. If you have those, check it out.

Source [http://enbdev.com/ctdfix.html]

Image by ENB Forum poster electricsheep26354.

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