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Shin Megami Tensei: Deep Strange Journey Coming To 3DS

by on March 27, 2017

Radiant Historia won’t be the only JRPG to get a facelift this year. Atlus revealed this weekend that they are working on a 3DS remake of Shin Megami Tensei: Deep Strange Journey for the Nintendo 3DS.

For longtime SMT fans the journey is indeed strange. You play as members of a United Nations task force journeying in a first-person view through a post-apocalyptic Earth to find a way to erase a black hole. There are familiar elements as well — you’re still recruiting an army of demons to do your bidding, just for a different reason.

The 3DS version adds new characters, new cutscenes and storylines, a new alternate ending and the addition of voice acting.

The original Strange Journey appeared on the Nintendo DS back in 2009. It won critical praise, but sales were sluggish. There is no word on an English release for the remake, but the fanbase for SMT games has grown domestically over the past few years, and the odds are actually better that this version will be translated than they were for the original. Keep up hope!

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