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You Can Have Sephiroth In Skyrim Via Mod

by on January 7, 2019

Any new mods for Skyrim? Maybe some Final Fantasy characters?

One of the reasons that Skyrim endures to this day despite being many years old is because of mods. These mods come from gamers who just want to have fun, and it’s hard to blame them. And so, one such gamer decided to bring in a bunch of Final Fantasy VII characters into the mix, and that includes the One-Winged Angel Sephiroth. You can get the mod on Nexus Mods.

The breakdown of the mod is as follows:

“Added as a companion or enemy. Choose which one you want in your game, as they are separate .esp files. As a companion he can be found at the entrance of the High Hrothgar building. As an enemy he is to the left (down a slope) of the Shrine of Azura.”

And if you decide to make him an enemy…well…

“I recommend using a large party of companions if and when you face him. If you are also using my FF6 mod, he is in the same location as Kefka. They will most likely be fighting each other when you find them, if Kefka is still alive.”

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