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  • Mythical Pokémon Diancie Coming Soon Mythical Pokémon Diancie Coming Soonhttp://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FcGXa9IJetY
    The Pokémon Company recently revealed a new  Pokémon, Diancie, that will play a role in the upcoming Pokémon movie Pokémon XY the Movie: The Cocoon of Destruction and Diancie and will be featured in Pokémon X and Y, for the 3DS although details of how to obtain Diancie haven’t been shared yet.

    As a mythical Pokémon, Diancie can’t be obtained through normal gameplay. Diancie is a rock-and-fairy type and is described in a press release thusly:
    “Known to boast the greatest beauty in all the world, Diancie’s body glitters pink, captivating the hearts of many. During battle, Diancie can produce a great volume of diamonds instantaneously by compressing air ...

  • Reminder, No Open Beta for The Elder Scrolls Online Reminder, No Open Beta for The Elder Scrolls OnlineIf you haven’t signed up for The Elder Scrolls Online beta yet, content in your certainty that there will be an open beta before the game launches, I have the unfortunate task of disillusioning you. There will be no open beta.
    From the game’s support FAQ, updated last week:
    We will not be holding a traditional open beta, but if you sign up to participate in the ESO beta prior to launch and are eligible per our Terms of Service, you will get an invite to a future beta event. We will be holding several very large beta sessions that include beta ...
  • Designing The Dark Anchors of The Elder Scrolls Online Designing The Dark Anchors of The Elder Scrolls Onlinehttp://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OUMthHs4BPw
    In The Elder Scrolls Online, the Dark Anchors are Molag Bal’s attempt to yank Tamriel to his Oblivion Plane Coldharbour.  And also a chance for players to team up and kick some Daedric ass.
    Theelderscrollsonline.com has a new developer diary talking about what went into designing the Dark Anchors and what they mean to the The Elder Scrolls Online world.
    “When we set out to create the Dark Anchor encounters, we had specific goals in mind. We wanted them to be an immediate, obvious reminder that Tamriel is in danger—something you could see in the world to make you realize just how ...
  • Spend 15 Minutes Exploring Tamriel in This The Elder Scrolls Online Video Spend 15 Minutes Exploring Tamriel in This The Elder Scrolls Online Videohttp://www.youtube.com/watch?v=szyV_raXB24
    Many of the Elder Scrolls Online previews that are showing up focus on the combat or the gameplay or the quests, but in this delightful video from Dan Bull, the first priority is seeing as much as Tamriel as possible.
    “One of the main reasons I love the Elder Scrolls games is the adventuring and exploring, so that’s what we’re going to do today,” Bull says before attempting to run from the northwest to the northeast of the map, ignoring quests and running away from crocodiles and other baddies. He doesn’t make it, but he finds a lot to see along ...
  • Hands On Previews for The Elder Scrolls Online Coming In Hands On Previews for The Elder Scrolls Online Coming Inhttp://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tx9srNawmfA
    Gaming press impressions of the The Elder Scrolls Online are now popping up all over the place.
    The impressions are all over the place, too, ranging from “boring” to a “a lot of fun.”
    One of the more positive previews comes from The Game Fanatics, which also posted the 10 minute preview video you see above. The Game Fanatics call The Elder Scrolls Online “better than Skyrim” and praised the combat.
    “The best part of TESO is that the combat is vastly improved over Skyrim. This is largely because you can finally have more than just two things equipped at a time. You have your ...
  • Final Fantasy VI Out Now For iOS Final Fantasy VI Out Now For iOSFor RPG gamers of the 16-bit era, there was no greater event than the release of Final Fantasy VI. I still remember the feeling of anticipation as I waited for its release, and the exhilaration the first time I watched the opening scene. I felt like an amazing adventure was about to start and I was not disappointed.
    Does it hold up today? You can find out for yourself. Square Enix just re-released it for iOS devices. Joining the earlier Android version, the iOS version is midway between a faithful port and a re-imagining of the original, with old sprite art replaced ...
  • Devs Say Rolling Imperial Won’t Give Players an Unfair Advantage in The Elder Scrolls Online Devs Say Rolling Imperial Won't Give Players an Unfair Advantage in The Elder Scrolls OnlineWorried that those who put down the cash to buy the Imperial Edition of The Elder Scrolls Online will have an advantage over those that go for the cheaper editions? Don’t be, according to a post on theelderscrollsonline.com.
    According to the post, playing as an Imperial is a primarily an opportunity to set yourself “visually apart” in the game.
    “Gameplay benefits within this edition have been designed to avoid bestowing unfair advantages over players who do not purchase this special edition. This is cool content designed for some of our biggest fans who wish to have something different from other collector’s editions ...
  • Three New South Park: Stick of Truth Videos Released Three New South Park: Stick of Truth Videos Released http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eCDmFgV49Rg
    Ubisoft recently released three new videos from Obsidian Entertainment’s South Park: The Stick of Truth, including a TV Spot.
    The videos mostly focus on storyline segments, which look and sound just like the show. Except they don’t bleep the F-word in the “Return of Mr. And Mrs. Hanky,” so consider it NSFW. That trailer also features a bit of gameplay, as your character, the “New Kid,” and Princess Kenny explore sewers from a side-view perspective.
    For most players the South Park license will be the major draw with this game. Series creators Matt Stone and Trey Parker are heavily involved, after all. ...
  • The Elder Scrolls Online Imperial Edition Unboxing Video Released The Elder Scrolls Online Imperial Edition Unboxing Video Releasedhttp://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gqiEvH4iC0M#
    If simply reading about the “Imperial Edition” of  The Elder Scrolls Online isn’t enough to get you to pre-order it, theelderscrollsonline.com just released an unboxing video in the hope seeing all the goodies will change your mind. Wow, either the box is huge or Lead Loremaster Lawrence Schick, who does the unboxing, is a tiny, tiny man.
    In the video, Schick confirms a couple of key points. The Imperial Edition will in fact be the only way to play as an Imperial. And the physical version will be very limited.
    “You need to nab this sucker while you can, because we’re only going ...
  • New Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII Trailer So Retro it Hurts New Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII Trailer So Retro it Hurtshttp://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fQrBSO74DzA
    Another Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII trailer? This one’s worth it, though, trust me.
    The eight-minute Lightning Returns “Retro-spective” trailer recaps the story of the Final Fantasy XIII to date with an art style that’s reminiscent of 16-bit Final Fantasy classics. Relive the memories from Final Fantasy XIII and Final Fantasy XIII-2. Get caught up before the new game. Or just melt from Super NES nostalgia. I know I’m not the only one that wishes this were an actual playable version of the game.
    Lightning Returns wraps up the story that began with Final Fantasy XIII, focusing on Lightning awakening from hibernation 500 ...