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  • State of Decay 2 Coming To Steam in 2020 State of Decay 2 Coming To Steam in 2020State of Decay 2 is out on console, but what about PC? Could it come to Steam?
    A lot of games have been coming to Steam recently, and now, a major console title has gotten a store page on Steam in the form of State of Decay 2.
    For those who don’t know the game, here is the official synopsis:
    “”State of Decay 2 is an open-world survival fantasy game for you and up to three co-op friends,” reads an official pitch of the game. “After a zombie apocalypse, your small group of survivors seek to rebuild a small corner of civilization, and you ...
  • Shenmue 3 Officially A Reality Shenmue 3 Officially A RealityDid you ever think this day would come? There now exists a Shenmue 3, thanks to Yu Suzuki and Sega, but really thanks to all of us.
    The original game made waves in the fall of 1999 for being one of the first shining examples of the brand-new 3D sandbox genre. Shenmue is less a game and more an experience — there’s a plot you’re supposed to follow, but essentially, you’re just a guy living his life. A sequel was developed for Dreamcast but only shipped for that console in Europe — the shuttering of Sega’s console division meant a switch ...
  • New Mass Effect Game In Development New Mass Effect Game In DevelopmentIs a new Mass Effect game coming? If so, when?
    The Mass Effect trilogy is hailed as one of the best trilogies in gaming history, even with a rocky end to the third game. Then, gamers got a fourth game in Andromeda, but it was far from the quality of the originals and didn’t sell as well as hoped, putting the fate of the franchise in jeopardy.
    Now, a new report from sources at Kotaku are saying that a new game in the franchise is already in the works at Bioware. Details and a release window aren’t known just yet, but if ...
  • Original Voice Of Ash Ketchum Gives Pokemon Fans Inspirational Message Original Voice Of Ash Ketchum Gives Pokemon Fans Inspirational MessageAnything new in the Pokemon world? Anything we should know?
    The Pokemon World grew in a major way the other day with the release of Pokemon Sword and Shield, and gamers from all over this world are enjoying it heavily. So much so that the original voice of Ash Ketchum, Veronica Taylor, took to her Twitter page to give an inspirational speech about what it means to be a part of the Pokemon world, and it’s not exactly what you think.
    Take a listen and try not to cry…but it’s ok if you do, we did.
  • There Will Be Cosmetics In Diablo IV There Will Be Cosmetics In Diablo IVWhat’s some of the new things coming in Diabo IV? What old things will return?
    Blizzard made a big splash at its recent BlizzCon 2019 with the announcement of Diablo IV, and now they’re slowly letting it be known what things will be in the game. Sadly for some gamers, one very controversial element of the game will return: Cosmetics.
    This revealed in a chat between Blizzard and a streamer. The cosmetics will have some tiers. Some will be free, and some will be locked behind Microtranscations, a very controversial thing right now in gaming. We’ll have to see how this affects ...
  • Dynamite Teasing A Fallout Comic Coming? Dynamite Teasing A Fallout Comic Coming?What is up with Dynamite Comics right now? Are they really teasing a Fallout Comic?
    Dynamite, who is one of the biggest publishers of comics in the world right now, has been posting some interesting stuff on their Twitter feed as of late. Mainly, they’ve been posting images that lead fans to believe that a comic set in the universe of Fallout is coming. Check out the posts below and see what you think:
  • Handsome Jack Coming To Borderlands 3? Handsome Jack Coming To Borderlands 3?What’s coming up in Borderlands 3? Anything story wise?
    It looks as though a key character in Borderlands mythology is coming to Borderlands 3 soon. In a post from Gearbox, they showed a tease for the upcoming story-DLC for Borderlands 3, and in it was a screenshot that clearly showed an image of Handsome Jack.
    What it means isn’t clear at present, but given how much of a force Handsome Jack has been in the series, it’s likely that he’ll make an appearance in some capacity.
  • Final Fantasy Is Coming To XBox Game Pass In A Big Way Final Fantasy Is Coming To XBox Game Pass In A Big WayDisappointed with the lack of Final Fantasy on XBox Game Pass? The drought is ending….with a flood. Square is making up for lost time and will be releasing it ALL on the service soon!
    Shinji Hashimoto, FINAL FANTASY Brand Manager, made the announcement during an appearance on stage at the Inside Xbox presentation at X019. Throughout 2020, ten — count ’em, TEN — Final Fantasy games will be added to XBox Game Pass, including…

    FINAL FANTASY X/X-2 HD Remaster

    XBox Game ...

  • Patch 5.11 Comes To Final Fantasy XIV Patch 5.11 Comes To Final Fantasy XIVWhat’s the latest in Final Fantasy XIV? Any new patches?
    A new patch of content has come to Fina Fatnasy XIV. Patch 5.11 offers many new things, including:
    Alliance Raid Dungeon
    YoRHa: Dark Apocalypse The Copied Factory
    Machina indistinguishable from men in appearance, speech, demeanor─anyone in Norvrandt would dismiss such an idea as the fantastical ramblings of drunken dwarves. The discovery of a white-clad woman identifying herself as an “android,” however, may call everything that has long been believed about technology into question…
    New Dungeon
    The Grand Cosmos
    Long ago, on the far shore of the Source, a great palace was built by the elves─the Grand Cosmos, ...
  • Romancing SaGa 3 Now Available On Modern Platforms Romancing SaGa 3 Now Available On Modern PlatformsWhen can you romance SaGa? How about now? Square has released Romancing SaGa 3 today on multiple platforms.
    The game originally came out for the Super Famicom in November of 1995, and due to several factors, was never translated and sold outside of Japan. Now Square is making up for that blunder by re-releasing the game, in English, on EVERYTHING….Nintendo Switch, Playstation 4, XBox One, PC via Steam, PS Vita (that’s correct, Vita), the App Store and Google Play. If you’ve got at least one of those devices, you can play Romancing SaGa 3 at last.
    24 years after the game’s initial ...