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  • E3 2018: Elder Scrolls 6 Confirmed By Bethesda E3 2018: Elder Scrolls 6 Confirmed By BethesdaIs the wait finally over? What did Bethesda say regarding Elder Scrolls 6?
    They revealed….it’s gonna be a thing! That’s all we learned, but we’ll take it. A short thirty-second trailer, premiering during Bethesda’s E3 conference last night, showed off a large render of a (likely) very small portion of the world they’re hard at work crafting.
    “Look at me, aren’t I pretty?” it says.
    It’s been a long time since the main Elder Scrolls series had an update. Elder Scrolls 5: Skyrim was released back in 2011 and is now playable on every device known to man, including smart fridges. The time ...
  • E3 2018: New Trailers For Dragon Quest XI, Octopath Traveler And Final Fantasy XIV E3 2018: New Trailers For Dragon Quest XI, Octopath Traveler And Final Fantasy XIVWhy did Square Enix host an E3 livestream this year? That’s the question people are still asking, even after it’s over. Why did we get a trailer about a deaf guy beating people up instead of FF7 Remake? Where was that mysterious Avengers game they announced months ago? And why even host their own event if all their good trailers made their debut during other presentations?
    Like the owl and his Tootsie Roll pop, the world may never know. But at least we got some new footage of games that may not be grabbing the kind of media attention FF7 Remake ...
  • E3 2018: Fire Emblem Three Houses Announced For 2019 E3 2018: Fire Emblem Three Houses Announced For 2019How nice is it that we can take new Fire Emblem games for granted now? Like clockwork, another one was announced this morning during Nintendo’s E3 presentation. What’s the story behind Fire Emblem Three Houses?
    The same grid-based tactical screen is returning, but with some new twists thrown in. Instead of facing your enemies one-on-one, you’ll be able to command several characters at once. Your opponents will also be able to do this, so mastering the new technique is a necessity.
    But an even more startling element we observed was the presence of an overworld. We saw characters freely walking around a ...
  • E3 2018: Disgaea 1 Complete Coming October 9 To Switch, PS4 E3 2018: Disgaea 1 Complete Coming October 9 To Switch, PS4When is Disgaea 1 Complete coming to Switch and Playstation 4? We found out the answer today. On October 9, how many penguins can you annihilate while riding the bus?
    The Disgaea series has been around since 2003 and won millions of fans, earning four sequels and a direct continuation of the original, Disgaea D2. This year we’re going back to the beginning with an HD remaster of the original game, first released for PS2. If you’ve never played it, then you ignored the PSP and DS rereleases as well. Get it together, dood!
    The Overlord is dead. The Netherworld is in ...
  • E3 2018: Xenoblade Chronicles 2 Expands With Torna – The Golden Country E3 2018: Xenoblade Chronicles 2 Expands With Torna - The Golden CountryHow will Xenoblade Chronicles 2 wrap up its narrative? The newly-announced Torna – The Golden Country could be the final major DLC release for the sequel…what will it reveal about the main storyline?
    The game’s antagonist, Jin, comes from a place called Torna — but it predates him by at least 500 years. The new DLC expansion delves into the history of Torna and what shaped it into the community it is today.
    Guide a group of legendary warriors on a journey through the tragic history that doomed a kingdom and drove a hero down a dark path 500 years before the ...
  • Platinum Games Really Wants To Do Self-Publishing What’s the future hold for Platinum Games after Bayonetta 3? Who do they want to work with next?
    In the video game industry, it’s easy to think that the best thing to do is work with a major publisher or developer. But when you have bad experiences with them, or you know your team could do better on their own, the desire to make your own games starts to drive you.
    That’s what’s going on with Platinum Games right now. For despite making Bayonetta 3 for Nintendo and making Nier: Automata 2 for Square Enix, they’re really wanting to make their own ...
  • Kingdom Come: Deliverance Fixes 200 Bugs With Patch 1.5 Kingdom Come: Deliverance Fixes 200 Bugs With Patch 1.5Any new patches for Kingdom Come: Deliverance? How many issues were fixed this time?
    Despite its sales success, Kingdom Come: Deliverance has been known just as much for its bug issues, and as such, the dev team have been working extra hard on fixing that. And on the Xbox One Reddit, they revealed that Patch 1.5 would fix many things, including 200 bugs.
    “Patch 1.5 is here and it comes with some exciting new features as well! On top of having over 200 bug fixes and newly simulated women clothing, the player can now wash away his sins by buying indulgences in ...
  • Monster Hunter World Adds A New Elder Dragon Monster Hunter World Adds A New Elder DragonAny new creatures to fight in Monster Hunter World? Maybe a new dragon?
    One of the biggest things about Monster Hunter as a franchise is that the games are always packed with monsters. But, because of updates and DLC, there’s always the potential for more. And Capcom has shown that once again, for a free update has come to Monster Hunter World, and it’s brought a new Elder Dragon with it.
    Though the addition is new, the dragon itself isn’t. For Lunastra was actually in Monster Hunter 2, so it’s more of a welcoming back party. Lunastra brings not only a new ...
  • Ni No Kuni II: Revenant Kingdom Nearing 1 Million Sold Ni No Kuni II: Revenant Kingdom Nearing 1 Million SoldHow’s Ni No Kuni II: Revenant Kingdom doing sales wise? What’s Level-5 have to say about it?
    Despite all the delays, Ni No Kuni II: Revenant Kingdom was still a highly-anticipated title when it arrived in March. And despite some heavy competition, it seems to have done very well. Level-5 announced on their page that shipments and digital sales for the game have reached 900K. That’s not bad for about two months work of sales. It’s very likely that the game will cross 1 million before very long.
    So if you’re hoping for a Ni No Kuni III, the odds are getting better.
  • Biomutant and Darksiders 3 May Be Delayed Biomutant and Darksiders 3 May Be DelayedWhat’s going on with THQ Nordic? Any update on their games Biomutant and Darksiders 3?
    THQ Nordic seemed to be on a roll, they were making several big titles that could all released in 2018 or really close to it. Instead, Metro Exodus has been delayed, and THQ Nordic has noted that Biomutant and Darksiders 3 are now “under evaluation” in regards to their release dates.
    THis is interesting for many reasons, not the least of which is that they’ve confirmed they won’t be going to E3 2018, which means it’s unlikely we’ll see a trailer for any of these games there. ...