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  • Bethesda Wants No Part Of Battle Royale Genre Bethesda Wants No Part Of Battle Royale GenreWill Bethesda ever make a Battle Royale game? If so, what kind?
    In the game development community, it’s easy sometimes to think that all developers want to “cash in” on the latest trends, and sometimes, they do that. But other times, developers want to go their own path. Such as Bethesda, who has noted that they don’t want to make a Battle Royale game. In an interview, Pete Hines revealed why:
    “If it’s like ‘Well, these guys did this, so we’re gonna do this,’ I can’t stay awake. ‘Hey, here’s our Battle Royale game!’ No thank you. Not even remotely interested. That’s ...
  • Monster Hunter World/Final Fantasy XIV Crossover Now Live Monster Hunter World/Final Fantasy XIV Crossover Now LiveWhat’s this about a Monster Hunter World/Final Fantasy XIV crossover? What’s it going to be like?
    Monster Hunter World is without a doubt the best-selling game of the year so far, and Capcom has been doing all they can to ensure that the game is full of content and especially events. Case and point, they’ve officially brought Final Fantasy XIV into the game via a unique crossover that’ll have players becoming characters from that universe and fighting a beast unlike any in their world.
    “A powerful beast from another world. Its large horns and muscular frame defy nature,” the announcement about the event previewed. “Hunters will ...
  • Monster Hunter World PC 4K Gameplay Monster Hunter World PC 4K GameplayHow does Monster Hunter World look on PC at its peak? Any 4K footage?
    With Monster Hunter World coming out to PC a bit later, many are wondering just how the game will stack up visual. Early impressions are that it’s very good, and now, some gameplay footage has been released that shows what the game will look like in 4K. Check it out below.
  • Devil May Cry 5 Aims To Run At 60 FPS Devil May Cry 5 Aims To Run At 60 FPSWhat frame rate will Devil May Cry 5 have? What’s Capcom think it can do?
    Devil May Cry 5 has been teased for a long time, but at E3 2018, it was finally revealed in full. And as such, gamers have many questions about it, including what the frame rate of the game will be. Capcom did an interview with Famitsu, which was translated by Siliconera, and they noted that Capcom wants to bring 60 FPS to the game. They still aim to have their photorealistic graphics be as top notch as they can, and the gameplay to be as fast ...
  • Breath of the Wild Crossing Over With Monster Hunter Generations Ultimate Breath of the Wild Crossing Over With Monster Hunter Generations UltimateIs Nintendo planning any big crossovers with Monster Hunter Generations Ultimate? Maybe something with Legend of Zelda?
    Monster Hunter Generations Ultimate is the only game from the Monster Hunter franchise currently planned (or at least announced) for the Nintendo Switch. That being said, the game is getting a lot of interesting tie-ins to Nintendo, including a full-on collaboration with Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild. This was revealed at San Diego Comic-Con, and as you can see, Link’s look, outfit, bow, and even the Korok’s are going to be represented in the game. You can check out the reveal trailer below.
  • SDCC 2018: New Valkyria Chronicles 4 Video SDCC 2018: New Valkyria Chronicles 4 VideoCan you believe we’re getting Valkyria Chronicles 4? And so soon? After a critically acclaimed but slow-selling debut on the Playstation 3, Sega’s brilliant strategy title moved to the PSP for its two sequels — the latter of which was never released in the US.
    But thanks to fan demand and growing cult appreciation of the trilogy, Valkyria is coming back in its original form. Valkyria Chronicles 4 will be out in September, and to prove it, Sega released the entire two-minute opening cinematic today during SDCC. This is how the game begins….

    A Coming-of-Age Story in a Time of War – ...

  • Final Fantasy XIV Meets Monster Hunter World On August 7th Final Fantasy XIV Meets Monster Hunter World On August 7thWhen is the Monster Hunter/Final Fantasy crossover coming? What’s in it again?
    Ever since E3, gamers have been waiting for news concerning the crossover between Monster Hunter World and Final Fantasy XIV. Now, Square Enix has released a press release detailing all you need to know about it, including its release date:
    “The highly-anticipated collaboration between SQUARE ENIX® and Capcom arrives in FINAL FANTASY® XIV: Stormblood® this August 7. First revealed during this year’s Electronic Entertainment Expo (E3), the upcoming crossover uniting two beloved and wildly successful games will have Warriors of Light challenge the “King of the Skies,” Rathalos, from Monster Hunter: World™.
    The crossover arrives ...
  • Monster Hunter World Summer Festival Has Launched Monster Hunter World Summer Festival Has LaunchedAnything new for Monster Hunter World? Any special events going on?
    Another week, another opportunity to jump into Monster Hunter World and find something new to do. This week, it’s the Summer Festival that has gone live, and with it, the chance to get many items and participate in some unique quests. The event will go until July 26th, here’s the official breakdown from Capcom:
    You’ll find the Celestial Pursuit bedecked with decorations, and the staff garbed in their summertime best! Not only that, but your Poogie and the Handler will also have some special costumes!
    For the duration of the event, almost ...
  • Todd Howard Wanted To Release Elder Scrolls Blades At E3 2018 Todd Howard Wanted To Release Elder Scrolls Blades At E3 2018Any update on when Elder Scrolls Blades will release? What’s this about it potentially being released earlier?
    When it comes to video games, there are certain things you hope to do. One of them is making a good game, but one that’s just as important is releasing a game at the perfect moment. At E3 2018, Bethesda revealed that a mobile game called Elder Scrolls Blades would be coming later this year. Fans were pleasantly surprised by this. But more surprising though was that the game almost released during E3. This comes from Todd Howard, who noted during the Gamelab conference that he ...
  • Monster Hunter World PC Requirements Leaked Monster Hunter World PC Requirements LeakedWhat will it take to play Monster Hunter on PC? What will the specs be like?
    Monster Hunter World is already a massive success on video game consoles the Xbox One and PS4. In fac, at present, it’s the best-selling game of the year. And that will grow once the title comes to PC, but as of yet, no definitive date has arrived for it.
    However, it appears that the specs for the PC version have been leaked. An official announcement is set to come this week from Capcom,so this should be taken with a grain of salt for now.
    Minimum PC requirements

    Processor: ...