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Just To Remove All Doubt, Persona 5 is NOT Coming To Switch

by on January 3, 2017

In case you forgot, Atlus merged with Sega a few months ago. The PR manager representing both companies, John Hardin, spoke about future release plans on his Twitter account today. You know by now that Persona 5 should be due out sometime in 2017 for the Playstation 4. but what about other machines? Could we see a port on some other system, like…I don’t know…the Nintendo Switch?

Having a portable Persona 5 would be nifty. However, the Persona series hasn’t left the Playstation brand for ages, and according to Hardin, this isn’t going to change. When asked about getting the game on either the Switch or even the PC, Hardin flatly said:

Persona 5 platforms: PS3, PS4. THAT’S. IT. No Switch. No PC.

Hardin also confirmed that Yakuza 0, the latest game in a different Sega series with a cult following, would not appear on anything other than the PS4 either. So there you go. If you like Persona, it’s a Sony console or nothing.

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