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Presenting The World of Wonder Tour Of Eos With Noctis — Final Fantasy 15

by on August 31, 2016

There is yet another Final Fantasy 15 video in existence as of today.

What makes this one different from the 50 other videos Square has put out by now? Noctis is narrating this one. He briefly glances through his backstory of being a sheltered prince who never got to see the world, until a street rat with a magic carpet — back up, I mean, a big fat war that made his palace uninhabitable — made it possible to see everything he’d been missing from life.

“I’m on the road with my friends, looking for the truth,” he says. “What really happened to my father? And where is Luna? We’ll follow the truth wherever it takes us, together. Come along for the ride.”

If you plan on going to PAX this weekend, you may get the chance to play a bit of Final Fantasy XV early. Demo kiosks will be available inside a special booth devoted solely to FF15, and once you get your mitts on the controls, you’ll be able to play through the start of the game — up to a full hour’s worth of content has been unlocked, but we’re not assuming they’ll let you play that long. Once you’re done playing, you’ll get a Final Fantasy 15 T-shirt and an XBox One controller skin.

There will also be a panel this Saturday hosted by director Hajime Tabata. We’ll no doubt have some new details to report on Final Fantasy XV next Monday.

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