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Presenting The First 18 Minutes Of Persona 5

by on July 19, 2016

Atlus’s grand reveal of Persona 5 continues with the contents of today’s livestream: the opening cinematic plus the first eighteen minutes of the game. As it was yesterday, all the clips are in Japanese because the English translation won’t be completed for some time (the game isn’t even out in Japan yet). Here’s what you’ll see when you first turn Persona 5 on….

Now here’s what you’ll get after that. Note that the majority of the characters in the main title don’t appear in this section, and most of what goes on is non-interactive cinematic material. It’s the opening of the game, remember? That stuff comes later.

Atlus has also announced a Persona 5 animated special, to air later this year on Japanese TV sets. It’ll be an hour long and should premiere September 3. We have no idea if this special will be brought over here, no how it’ll be distributed (independently, or as part of a Persona 5 “special edition”? No one knows). We should get answers as we creep closer to 2017.

We do know the game itself will appear here next Valentine’s Day, whether it’s accompanied by anime or not.

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