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What Do Players Want From XCOM 3?

by on November 11, 2017

The XCOM series is one of gamings most fan-beloved franchises. The turn-based strategy game has won many over with its difficulty, variety, and impact of story. And given its sales, it’s very likely we’ll get XCOM 3. So, what do players want from it?

Well, PC Gamer did an interesting piece on this topic, and listed some fascinating ideas. For example, they suggest a new setting. It can still be “on Earth”, but do something that the the first two games and expansions didn’t.

Another big ask is for even more customization of player squads. Not that there’s not a lot now, but expand even more, make it feel like we know everything about our squad, and thus let us try very hard not to let them die.

An ask that many might want is a bigger, better, and more explained campaign. The stories have been known to be staticy, and Firaxis hasn’t always been forthcoming with info during the game which can lead to many deaths of characters. A more fresh take on things with information spelled out so that there’s no “unfortunate” surprises will likely please many.

That’s just the tip of the iceberg in terms of what they feel would make it better. Check out the list yourself, and let us know which you think would be great for XCOM 3!

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