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Persona 5’s Version of Online Co-Op

by on August 31, 2016

This week’s issue of Famitsu revealed that Persona 5 will sport some online co-op capabilities. How does such a thing fit into a single-player JRPG? Like this….

You can’t battle other players or tackle a dungeon in a strictly multiplayer mode. Persona 5 uses online cooperation a little differently. Let’s say you’re battling a big monster, and just when you’re about to win, the stupid guy decides to run. That’s when a friend can step in and block his exit on the map! And what if that enemy has taken one party member hostage? If you can’t save them, someone else can!

As for those times when you’re not dungeon-crawling, online features are more subtle, yet helpful. Players will be able to see a list of how other users are choosing to spend their time, and when you’re taking a test, you’ll be able to check which percentage of your friends chose what answers.

It may all sound familiar to those who played Persona 4 Golden on the PS Vita. Persona 5 uses most of the same online features as that game did.

The unanswered question is if these features require a Playstation Plus subscription or not. If so, they don’t sound like the kind of thing that’s essential enough to pay $80 or more per year. We’ll find out as the February 14 release date continues to creep closer.

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