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Another Persona 5 Gameplay Video

by on August 1, 2016

We’ve seen the main title, we’ve seen the first 18 minutes (which were mostly cutscenes)…now, finally, here is what Persona 5 looks like when you actually play it. This is about a minute’s worth of gameplay footage from a typical, ultra-stylish Persona 5 fight.

This isn’t completely what Persona 5 will be like once Westerners get it. Naturally, the voices will sound different and you’ll be able to understand what everyone is saying. But that version won’t be coming for a while. Persona 5 won’t be out in Japan until September and the English version won’t be complete and in stores until Valentine’s Day of 2017.

As for Europe, believe it or not that’s still being worked out. Atlus recently signed a publishing deal with Deep Silver to bring the game to the UK and other territories, but we may not hear a solid release date for some time.

Either way you won’t be playing Persona 5 tomorrow. But you can at least pretend you’re playing it for a minute.

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