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Persona 5 Delayed Yet Again

by on November 16, 2016

Remember the planned Valentine’s Day 2017 release for Atlus’s Persona 5? I hope you weren’t planning on presenting it to your sweetheart, because it’s no longer scheduled for that month. The English version has been kicked down to April 4.

This game was originally planned for a Japanese release in 2014. It was then delayed into 2015, and then into this year, where it finally came out two months ago. Shortly before then, Atlus revealed the US street date, which it has now taken back.

Atlus feels bad about it, though. They would like to make up for the delay any way they can, and they have a few gifts of apology, the first being the announcement that it’ll be possible to use the original Japanese audio in the US version of Persona 5. It won’t be on the disc though — this will be a free download to use as a patch. As for the immediate present, Atlus is giving away a Persona 5 PS4 theme, but only for 24 hours (so if you’re not reading this on November 16, it’s too late).

There is one more update: the art for the Premium Edition of Persona 5 has been finalized. Cost is $89.99. Check it out both above and below…..

persona 5

Persona 5 should come out on Playstation 4 April 4, 2017, barring any more delays.Persona 5 should come out on Playstation 4 April 4, 2017, barring any more delays.

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