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Patch Fixes Code Name STEAM’s Plodding Pace

by on April 8, 2015

If you skipped Nintendo’s battle strategy game Code Name: STEAM last February because of the negative reviews, you might want to give it another shot. Nintendo has released an update for the title that removes one of the most commonly complained-about problems that reviewers cited: the length of the turns.

Code Name: STEAM was developed by Intelligent Systems, makers of the Fire Emblem and Advance Wars series as well as the Paper Mario games. STEAM is similar to the first two, only it takes place in a steampunk-inspired world where Abraham Lincoln assigns a team of battle-ready literary figures to defeat evil. Yes, it’s weird, and I’m all for weird, but only when it’s fun.

When the game was released, for some reason players would have to wait over a minute for the enemy forces to take their turns on the field. With the new patch, you can fast-forward through those sequences, cutting the time by half. If you’re using a New 3DS, you can use the faster processor to make the turns speed by even faster.

Both the full game and the demo version can be patched. Code Name STEAM is out now for the 3DS system in both physical and digital form.

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