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Odin Sphere Remastered Comes In Just Two Weeks

by on May 24, 2016

The remastered edition of PS2 classic Odin Sphere will be released in just two weeks, but you can play a bit of it right now. The demo will be available on the Playstation Store starting today. If you’ve never played this lovely and unique game, don’t miss your chance to get a free taste of it. Handpainted sidescrolling action-RPGs, unlike sheep, do not grow on trees.

In addition to the hi-res graphics running at 60 frames a second, other new additions will include a harder difficulty mode and cross-save compatibility between the PS3, PS4 and Vita versions. It’ll be available physically too, in two forms: the standard edition and a ridiculously packed Storybook Edition with a hardcover artbook, a metal slipcase, a game-related T-shirt, and an art print of the Alice and Socrates characters from the framing device in the prologue. You can get just the artbook by preordering any version of Odin Sphere.

Atlus has released a whopping five trailers, one for each controllable character, because four just wasn’t enough.

Odin Sphere comes out for all currently active Playstation platforms June 7, 2016. Between this, I Am Setsuna, and Star Ocean 5, it’s going to be a crowded month for JRPG lovers (for once).

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