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New Final Fantasy 15 Update Will Fix The PS4 Pro Version

by on April 21, 2017

Not long after Final Fantasy 15 launched on PS4 and XBox One, Square sent out its first update patch. Normally these are meant to fix bugs they couldn’t catch in time for the disc pressing, but this time they wound up introducing a new problem: when the game was played on a PS4 Pro, it now had a sloppy, choppy framerate.

It’s been months since then, but Square is finally about to fix the PS4 Pro issue and add a few new things for everyone else. The next Final Fantasy 15 patch brings back timed quests and adds a ranking system to them. Completing the quests will net players exotic and rare weapons. A new sticker will be added for Regalia customization and new music will be available for the music player. You’ll also now have the option of increasing the size of text on subtitles and menu screens.

The update goes live this Thursday, April 27, on all versions of Final Fantasy 15 (both of them). Rumors persist of a PC version in the works, rumors that are probably true, but Square hasn’t officially announced that product yet.

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