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Monster Hunter World Details Major Bug Fix

by on March 30, 2018

Will Monster Hunter World fix some of its bug issues? If so, when?

Capcom has a major hit this year in Monster Hunter World. It’s already sold over 5 million copies, and more will be sold as time goes on. What’s more, they continue to update the game to ensure that there is content and new things for people to do. However, they’re also using the updates to ensure that the game fixes any issues. Capcom has laid out a major fix that’s coming in the next update:

  • In Update Ver. 2.00, a balance update was done to the bow’s Dragon Piercer attack to fix a bug where you could shoot past the attack’s angle limitations. However due to this update, when the target is lined up with the reticle at a very fast speed and the Dragon Piercer fires, it was discovered that the player may not be able to face in the direction of the reticle. This has been fixed so that even if the player is aiming at a target quickly in a direction they are not facing, the reticle will still be able to aim in that direction.
    Please note that during Dragon Piercer, if the reticle is aimed at an area outside of the allowed range, the attack will fire in the direction the player is facing.
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