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Kingdom Hearts Is Now As Old As Sora Is

by on March 28, 2016

On March 28, 2002 the world’s first crossover between Square and Disney took place in Japan. Spawned from a chance elevator encounter between high officials at both companies, it’s now become one of Square’s most recognized series currently in production, even if the pace is as slow as a sloth from “Zootopia.”

Kingdom Hearts is now 14 years old, and director Tetsuya Nomura debuted a new screenshot from Kingdom Hearts 2.8 in honor of the franchise’s birthday.

kingdom hearts

This is Daybreak Town, a setting from Kingdom Hearts χ that’s getting an HD makeover for the impending PS4 release of 2.8 Final Chapter Prologue. As you can see, it came out rather nicely.

In the same tweet the screenshot came from, Nomura pointed out that if Sora was born in 2002 — the year the original Kingdom Hearts came out for Playstation 2 — he would today be exactly as old as he is in the series currently. This was back when Square-Enix was still called Squaresoft. Those were some good times.

Kingdom Hearts 2.8 Final Chapter Prologue is expected to be released for PS4 sometime this year, but an exact date has not been announced.

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