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Kingdom Come: Deliverance Player Base Dropped 95% On Steam

by on May 11, 2018

What’s the player base for Kingdom Come: Deliverance like on Steam? How many people are still playing it?

Steam takes its stats very seriously, and they can give us some deep insights into what goes on with certain games on the service. Take, for example, Kingdom Come: Deliverance. When it launched, it got a lot of praise, as well as criticism. But it still managed to do 500,000 copies sold in two days, which isn’t bad for a title without a lot of marketing.

However, at GitHyp reports, the games player base has now plummeted, what was once around 66,000 players a day playing is now 3,600 at best.

This could be because a lot of people have beaten the game, as these kinds of dropoffs are well-known for singleplayer titles on Steam, but it could also be because of the bugs in the game.

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