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Japan Gets Another Fancy Dragon Quest Themed Console

by on April 28, 2017

It’s still a huge deal when a new Dragon Quest comes out in Japan. Maybe not so much that it disrupts the economy through millions of workers skipping their jobs (at least not anymore), but it’s still an event. And as such, the console makers that will be hosting Dragon Quest XI on their systems have some special paint jobs ready that we will almost assuredly never get.

And it’s too bad, because these are really pretty. The limited-edition Playstation 4 that goes on sale the day Dragon Quest 11 does sports a great-looking navy blue and gold design. Both the console and the controller it comes with sport the giant symbol and a little Slime in the corner. if that’s not enough for you, you can also attach an included USB cover to the console that appears to depict a Gold Slime melting all over it.

Even the box it comes in is nice, looking much like a treasure chest you’d find in the game. Inside is everything we just described plus a copy of the game. The Dragon Quest XI PS4 is a 1 TB model.

Dragon Quest XI is also coming out on 3DS, and there will be a limited-edition version of that handheld as well. Like the PS4, it also has a melting Metal Slime on it, but this one is silver.

All of these systems launch July 29 in Japan, same day as the game. Dragon Quest XI is also coming to the Switch a few months later, and though no special paint job has been announced for that console yet, we wouldn’t be shocked.

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