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Fresh Final Fantasy 7 Remake Screens Reveal New Summon

by on November 25, 2019

Square Enix issued out a new batch of screenshots from Final Fantasy 7 Remake today. For the first time, we got images of one of the game’s classic summons….THE most classic, if you ask me.

The first summon you are given in the original game is Choco/Mog, and though you can find others not soon after, I usually stuck with this one. It is just…so SATISFYING to shatter FF7’s grungy atmosphere with one gigantic, jarring

Even better, this summon has a rare variant where, every so often, instead of the moogle riding the chocobo, a giant shadow will appear over your enemies, and…..WHAP! Fat chocobo out of nowhere! Death by chicken butt!

Unfortunately, Final Fantasy 7 Remake summons work a little differently, They do not appear, whammy the baddies and leave. They stick around, fighting alongside you for a limited amount of time until they depart with a special move. That means neither the sudden “BOOM” cloud nor the Fat Chocobo are possible under this system, robbing us of a classic comedy moment. When you summon Choco/Mog in THIS game you get something different.

The chocobo waddles around pecking monsters for a minute or so, then before departing, it invites its buddies to the fight. The combined might of the chocobo flash mob delivers the final blow. That’s Choco/Mog in FF7 Remake.

Also among the new screens released are some nice environment shots. This is the outside of Aerith’s house, which looks gorgeous:

And this is the interior. It’s a nice touch that the CRT is still there, just as it was in 1997. The world of Gaia never developed HD technology.

The dart board at Tifa’s Seventh Heaven is now playable.

Wonder if this means the “Cowboy Ride” pinball machine is playable too. It’d be bizarre to make the dart board interactive but leave the pinball machine static.

Many more screens are viewable here. Final fantasy 7 Remake comes out March 3, 2020 for Playstation 4.

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