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Here’s What The Fire Emblem Fates “Petting” Scene Was Changed To

by on February 5, 2016

In the original Japanese release of Fire Emblem Fates, you could take characters that had grown fond of you into private quarters for a while and….pet their heads. You did this literally via stylus, in a minigame with the porn-like name “Skinship.”

It was reported last week that the head-petting had been removed from all versions outside of Japan. But what did they replace it with? Until today, nobody knew, until the website Polygon took their review copy to the place in which “Skinship” might have happened. A girl named Sakura expressed interest in meeting their Corrin in private, which they proceeded to do. The rest was shown in Polygon’s video:

As you can see, it was barely changed at all. Sakura’s head still appeared — the only difference was that you couldn’t touch it. The intimacy was implied, not interactive. Since building relationships with characters is an important part of the gameplay (you can even marry them), it would’ve been difficult to remove in its entirety.

Fire Emblem Fates will be out February 19 in three versions: Birthright, Conquest, or a spendy limited edition version containing both (plus a third DLC version of the game).

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