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Fire Emblem Echoes Gets A Deluxe Edition

by on March 21, 2017

The last few Fire Emblem games have received limited edition versions containing a bounty of extra collectibles. Fire Emblem Heroes, releasing this May, will be no different. Today Nintendo revealed what’s going to be in that box….

So take a look. We’ve got the game, a fancy hardcover artbook, a soundtrack CD, and a pin set of the main characters in the game: Alm, Celica and Marth. They look pixelated because that’s how they looked in the NES game Fire Emblem Gaiden, never released in the States (Heroes happens to be a remake of that game, and that’s why you already met Marth in Smash Bros. Melee).

This isn’t all, however….separately, a pair of Fire Emblem amiibo will be sold. Figures of Celica and Alm will activate new dungeons for each character, and they’ll also be able to use the amiibo in battle. According to Nintendo “during combat, players can sacrifice a portion of Alm or Celica‚Äôs health in order to summon a computer-controlled illusory hero, which will act as a temporary ally for a single turn.”

In Europe the amiibo come inside the Limited Edition box with everything else.

On its own, Fire Emblem Heroes retails for $39.99. The extra stuff in the Limited Edition bumps that up to $59.99. The amiibo set will be listed at $24.99. Look for all this material May 19 when Fifre Emblem Heroes releases for 3DS.

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