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Final Fantasy 7 Remake Won’t Be Playstation Exclusive For Long

by on December 10, 2019

You might have heard the only console you can play Final Fantasy 7 Remake on will be the Playstation 4. But for how long will that be the case?

It’s fitting that Square should strike another exclusivity deal with Sony, seeing as the original Final Fantasy 7 was one of the exclusives that helped the Playstation rise to dominance in the late 90s. But this time, Sony won’t be able to keep Cloud home indefinitely. Updated package at was released to the press this evening, and the game has gained not only an ESRB rating, but a bonus little box in the bottom right corner….

final fantasy 7 remake

The box is a new marketing strategy for Sony — or at least a revisement of the subtle way they’ve been tagging exclusives since the PS4 launched. “Only on Playstation” is the usual tag, seen in the upper right. This new box says instead “Playstation Exclusive — Play First On PS4*”, and they’re hoping we can’t read what’s written under that asterisk.

But it says, “Timed Exclusive until 3/3/21.” This would be exactly one year after the game comes out for PS4. It’s a good bet that an XBox One Version will be appearing on either that date or shortly afterward. (Don’t hold your breath for Switch; Square has released none of their recent AAA big-graphics games on Nintendo’s system.)

So now we know when Final Fantasy 7 Remake goes multiplatform. But our bigger concern is that this box still doesn’t say “Part 1” below the logo…

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