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Final Fantasy 15 Gains New Weapon Inspired By EDM Artist

by on April 25, 2017

The characters in Final Fantasy 15 have some odd fixations, some corporate-driven (Cup Noodles) and some that are just preferences of the development team. In particular, the dev team seems to love the musical stylings of Dutch EDM DJ Afrojack. An E3 trailer from 2016 used some of Afrojack’s music, and that tune (called “Braver”) is also hidden in the final game if you listen to the radio on Noctis’s car long enough.

This latest tribute to Afrojack is more obvious: a special weapon called the “Afrosword.” It works like most extended blades in the game do, with one difference: it looks like you’re swinging around a giant EDM DJ mixing kit. It works too, sort of — the sword constantly plays Afrojack’s tunes.

The Afrosword will be included as part of Final Fantasy 15’s latest update that hits later this week — the same one that will reportedly fix the PS4 pro frame issues. How does one get it? By completing the timed quests that the update adds. One of them will give you the almighty powers of EDM garishness.

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