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More FFXV Ultimate Collectors Editions Go On Sale Soon

by on May 19, 2016

If you want the biggest, rarest, most showoff-iest version of Final Fantasy XV that will be produced (not to mention the most expensive) you’re getting one more chance, and we’ll tell you when and where. Square-Enix promised they would produce another batch of FFXV Ultimate Collectors Editions as soon as they could, and they kept to their word. The second batch will be available for preorder at that point, but you’ll need a bit of luck to get the chance.

Square has had a waitlist up for FFXV for some time. It’s still open, and getting to it this late doesn’t affect your chances because names will be drawn from it at random. On Monday at 9 AM PST, Square will draw 10,000 names from that list and E-mail them with further instructions. If the sendees do not reply and purchase an Ultimate Collectors Edition within 48 hours, their name will be withdrawn and a new person will be chosen in their place.

Mind, this is how it will work in America. If you’re in Europe, the UCE will go on sale at 10 AM BST and will be first-come-first-serve.

The initial number of UCEs was 30,000 copies. This additional order bumps up the number only by a third…..why not an additional 30,000 if it’s obvious they’ll sell them all? According to Square, the big problem is how long it takes to make the Noctis Play Arts Kai figure that comes in the box.

The Ultimate Collector’s Edition contains a copy of Final Fantasy XV, a special steelbook case, an artbook, the Noctis statue, a soundtrack, and exclusive DLC. It carries a price of $270 and Square will not be pursuing a third printing. If you still can’t get it, the $90 Deluxe Edition will have many of the same extra items and will be available everywhere.

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