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Fallout 76 To Start Survival Beta Next Week

by on March 21, 2019

When is Survival Mode coming to Fallout 76? When can we test it?

Fallout 76 has been a WIP in many ways since its launch last year. And one of the ways that Bethesda is trying to fix things is by adding significant content. Such as the new Survival Mode that is coming to the game. On the lastest “Inside The Vault”, the team revealed that the beta for the Survival Mode is coming next week:

Lock and load! We’re gearing up to release the Survival Mode Beta on March 26, which is a new, more competitive way to play Fallout 76 that’s separate from the main game, has fewer player vs. player (PVP) restrictions, higher stakes for PVP combat, and even a permanent XP bonus. We’re also implementing scoreboards that you can use to earn bragging rights, as well as new weekly challenges that have legendary rewards.

They also detailed what the mode is intended to be.

Survival is our new, more competitive game mode featuring rule changes surrounding PVP combat, death and respawn mechanics, and even a 20% bonus to the XP you’ll earn while playing. As we shared in a previous article, everything you can currently do in Adventure —quests, events, and exploration— will still be available to you in Survival. Your current progress with any existing characters will transfer between Survival and Adventure as often as you like, and anything that affects them in one mode will also be reflected in the other.

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