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Fallout 3 Wazer Wifle Rap Will Get Stuck in Your Head

by on January 6, 2015

Still no Fallout 4, sorry, but here’s a fun look back at Fallout 3.

This catchy rap song is dedicated to one of Fallout 3’s most interesting weapons, the Wazer Wifle, and the person you get it from in Little Lamplight, a sad little boy with a speech impediment named Biwwy.

The Wazer Wifle is no ordinary laser rifle mispronounced, it’s better. It’s more durable, does five more damage and has a 30 round magazine instead of 24. Good enough for Open Minded to rap about how it turns fools to dust and Caedo Genesis to make a funny music video to go along with it.

So watch, laugh and then get even more anxious for Fallout 4.

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