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Get the ESO Undaunted Equipment That’s Right For You

by on November 24, 2014

The Elder Scrolls Online’s fifth update recently added new “Undaunted” daily challenges with some sweet rewards, including armor and helms that’ll make you look like something from Where the Wild Things Are.

As part of the Undaunted quests, players can earn gear by fighting bosses or by completing daily challenges, called “pledges,” that give you bronze, silver and gold keys depending on how you do on them. Gold is the best, of course.

But what gear should you be shooting for? It depends on your class and role, but Tamriel Foundry has put up a nice guide to all of the Undaunted gear, including monster helms and Undaunted Sets, laying out how to get each one and what buffs they confer.

For instance, to get the monster helms, you have to kill bosses. Sounds easy, but the monster helms have a random armor trait and are randomly light, medium or heavy armor, so to get the one you that fits you best will probably take a lot of high-level boss farming.

The Undaunted armor pieces come from completing pledges and getting keys to open chests. The better your key, the better chance you have at the highest level gear. Traits on Undaunted gear are randomized, but the type of armor is not.

The guide also has info about City of Ash sets, also added in update five.

Check out the full guide for all the info.

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