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ESO Live Gives Sneak Peek at ESO 1.5

by on September 29, 2014

ZeniMax Online Studios held its second ESO Live livestream to talk about The Elder Scrolls Online on Friday. The whole hour and 51 minute stream is worth watching if you’re a super-fan, but if you just want to get straight to the part where they demonstrate the changes coming soon in the 1.5 update, YouTuber Shawn Brunelle has helpfully cut that bit out for you.

In the video ZeniMax:

  • Gives some details of new veteran content.
  • Shows clips of improved facial animations (they look a whole lot better and convey more emotion).
  • Explains that new instanced dungeons (group and solo) will scale to the level of the group leader when you enter them. Dungeons only scale up from their original level, not below.
  • Previews the upcoming Undaunted Dailies, new quests for level 45 plus that require you to clear a specific group dungeon each day. There are regular and veteran Undaunted Dailies, so you can do two each day. They give Undaunted reputation and keys that can be used to open Undaunted chests. You get bronze or silver keys for regular dailies, silver or gold for veteran, depending on how you performed. The chests are also bronze, silver and gold and they contain special Undaunted gear. It’s a new loot grind for high-level gear, basically.
  • Briefly mentioned chat bubbles, crafting dailies and character copies on the public testing server.



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