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Zero Escape Trilogy To Be Available On Multiple Platforms Soon

by on July 4, 2016

Last week the concluding entry in the Zero Escape trilogy, Zero Time Dilemma, was released on 3DS, PS Vita and PC (and you’re lucky I was able to tear myself away from playing it long enough to write this newspost). The release of Zero Time Dilemma marks the first time any Zero Escape game has been made available on PC, but it may not be lonely for long.

Aksys Games announced this morning that plans are underway to port the previous two games in the trilogy (Nine Hours, Nine Persons, Nine Doors and Virtue’s Last Reward) to other platforms. Though specific ones weren’t mentioned, it’s highly unlikely the PC isn’t among them. The announcement could also mean 999 will be ported to the Vita, though given its small userbase this may be less likely.

Here, currently, are the available platforms for Zero Escape games:

999 — DS, 3DS(by way of backwards compatibility), iOS
Virtue’s Last Reward — 3DS, PS Vita
Zero Time Dilemma — 3DS, PS Vita, PC

It should be noted that the iOS version of 999 does not contain the puzzle-solving portions; it’s just a visual novel. Perhaps they’re considering making a “real” port for the game. We can’t say for sure at the moment. When more details are revealed by Aksys, we’ll pass them along.

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