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This Elder Scrolls Themed Basement Cost $50,000 To Make

by on June 10, 2015

DC Comics artist Tyler Kirkham lives in Kaysville, Utah. He likes comics, obviously, but he LOVES the Elder Scrolls series. So much so that he would spend $50,000 of his own money to have his basement remodeled into a scene right out of the series itself.

To get the look just perfect, Tyler’s finished new basement now features distressed stone walls, various helmets and horns on the walls, a bathroom with a waterfall and rock face covered in vines, crossbows and a sparring arena. And get this….a secret door activated by pulling a specific book from the bookshelf. Gotta have that!

Despite how expensive the rest of this decor looks, 2/5 of the cost ($20,000) went into the home theater system that is the centerpiece of the room. Because what’s the point of creating a Skyrim-themed man cave if the game itself doesn’t look good?

Kirkham isn’t done. He would like next to build a wine cellar, as well as a play area for his son who is now one year old (because the kid wouldn’t be satisfied with THIS?)

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