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Elder Scrolls Online Greymoor Team Talks What You Can Expect

by on May 26, 2020

What will be in Elder Scrolls Online Greymoor? What kind of content can we expect?

All new content is set to arrive in Elder Scrolls Online very soon, as the Greymoor content will arrive for PC today, while the console version will arrive on June 9th. The new content will take place in Skyrim, and focus on what the land was like before the Skyrim game you’ve all played. The team talked a little about what you can expect:

“Without spoiling too much,” says ESO’s creative director Rich Lambert, “this year’s story and chapter centers around vampires and witches and werewolves in Skyrim. People are disappearing, these weird storms – Harrowstorms – are ravaging the countryside, and if you get caught in one of these storms one of two things happens. Either you get turned into a Harrowed, which is essentially a mindless zombie where you just kind of stand there and do nothing and don’t react to the world, or you get turned into a Bloodfiend.” If you skipped your last Defence Against the Dark Arts class, a Bloodfiend is a vampire that has gone insane from bloodlust. So, neither are great options, and obviously it’s up to you to figure what in the name of Caldwell’s beard is going on.

You’ll have some old friends to help see you through the spooky shenanigans though, like Rigurt the Brash, Dunmer adventurer and author Narsis Dren, and Lyris Titanborn. ESO OGs will remember the badass half-Nord, half-giant warrior from the base game, and the developers have brought her back for Greymoor.

“You meet up with her again in Icereach – which is one of the dungeons in the Harrowstorm – and then she’s kind of your guide and mentor throughout the entire year,” says Lambert. “She’s there in the prologue quest and in the chapter and then in the DLC in the fourth quarter.”

You’ll get to experience it all for yourself when the DLC releases in May and June. For more information on Elder Scrolls Onlune Greymoor, visit the official Bethesda website.


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