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Dye Your Character To Look Like a Superhero, and Other Updates Coming To TESO

by on July 8, 2014


The Elder Scrolls Online is offering a lot of new changes in The Elder Scrolls Online’s third update, but perhaps the most visceral is the chance to infringe copyrights, uh, I mean, express your creativity, with new dyes.

The dyes allow you to change the color of your armor. Some of the examples Zenimax has shared so far look very cool, and very familiar. In MMO worlds where everyone can look a bit samey, these will be a welcome addition. The dies will come along with new, visually distinct armor sets as well.


Players will also likely welcome greater guild customization options. According to Zenimax, these improvements are coming in update 3:

• Management: guild leaders can create, delete, and promote guild ranks. Guilds can have up to ten ranks of membership, each of which can have its own icon.

• Bank: guild leaders can set permissions to allow members to withdraw gold from the guild bank based on their rank.

• Store updates: anyone in your alliance can browse your guild store in Cyrodiil if your guild owns a keep.

• Traders: The Gold Coast Trading Company will establish kiosks throughout the cities of Tamriel. The merchants running the kiosks can be hired by guilds on a weekly basis (via auction) to act as a portal to their guild’s store, which can be browsed by any player in the guild’s alliance. Auctions use a blind bidding process and are held once a week per merchant.

• Heraldry: guild leaders can design guild heraldry for their guilds if they have 10 or more members. Each guild member can purchase and wear a tabard emblazoned with the guild’s chosen colors and crest. There are 250 colors, 63 backgrounds, and 136 crests that can be mixed and matched to form guild heraldry.

Other changes include scaling back the difficulty of the Veteran Rank content, which players have complained was too hard and grindy, combat tweaks, and balance tweaks for issues such as werewolf survivability and Templar usefulness.

The new update is coming to the game’s public test server “soon,” according to Zenimax. More info here.

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