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Dragons and Mechs Mingle in New Final Fantasy Type-0 HD Trailer

by on December 1, 2014

I think this new trailer for Square Enix’s Final Fantasy Type-0 HD is meant to try to explain all of the factions and military actions that serve as the backstory for the game.

I say I think, because I came away from it even more confused. There’s some dictator guy that dresses like M. Bison and rants about new world orders. And he’s, I’m going to day, bad? Maybe?

But it’s a beautiful confusion, as it gives us a look at a game world where mechs and cold war propaganda and dragons comingle like it ain’t no thang. And although the low-poly characters betray the game’s Japanese PSP origins, the layer of HD polish makes this version much easier on the eyes.

The game will be out March 17 on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.

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