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New Dragon Quest 11 Trailers: Confirmed For PS4, 3DS And Switch

by on December 19, 2016

Square-Enix has ripped the curtain off the next Dragon Quest game, which will be the first in the main series since Dragon Quest 8 to appear on a non-Nintendo console. Yup, #9 and #10 have been Wii, Wii U and 3DS exclusives. Nine was recently localized and sold in the US, but there are no plans to create an English version of DQ 10, since all things branded “Wii” are dead. (DQ 10 is bring ported to the Switch now; we’ll see if that changes anything.)

At Jump Festa, a Japanese expo of anime and manga, Square showed off two videos from Dragon Quest 11: one displaying the opening CGI scene, and the second showing off the gameplay.

Here’s the kooky thing: DQ 11 has now been confirmed for both 3DS AND Switch. That means it’ll be portable in two versions — you’ll have to decide which! No one knows what the Switch version will look like, but you can see both the PS4 and 3DS versions at work in the gameplay trailer. While the PS4 has traditional visuals, the 3DS gives you a 3D viewpoint on the top screen, and a traditionally-looking 2D version of the same at the bottom.

Dragon Quest 11 is due out in Japan sometime within 2017, and we wish we could promise you America will also get it, but that is no longer a guarantee.

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