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Disgaea 2 Announced For Steam

by on August 24, 2016

Nippon Ichi Software is adding to its Steam library with the announcement of an upcoming port for Disgaea 2. The original Disgaea made its debut on Steam last February; it appears Disgaea 2 will take just as long given its vague release window of 2017.

It may seem like Disgaea is available on every playable device, and for Disgaea 1 that’s certainly the case, but Disgaea 2 is actually only currently playable on two machines, both of which are obsolete: Playstation 2 (2006 release) and PSP (2009 release). This new release will open up the game to a new audience that might not have been able to play it otherwise.

And more so: unlike Nippon Ichi’s first Disgaea release, the Steam version of Disgaea 2 will be cross-compatible with Macs and PCs. No matter which home computer you use, you can blow up all the subservient penguins you want.

Disgaea 2 will contain all the content produced for the PS2 version, the extra material added to the PSP version, and even some content that wasn’t in either version (in America). The Japanese version had three extra characters the international version did not; they’ll appear stateside for the first time in 2017. The game will also use a new interface.

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