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Crossing Souls is an 80s-O-Rama RPG

by on November 17, 2014

If you were an 80s kid, the new trailer for Devolver Digital’s upcoming RPG Crossing Souls is going to overload your visual cortex with a concentrated dose of nostalgia. Wicked headrush, man.

The game follows five kids on an RPG adventure in 1986 California. As you can see, the unique art style evokes Earthbound as well as 1980s animation. They even put a super serious voice-over and some tape tracking issues in the trailer, a nice touch.

Here’s how the developers described the storyline of the game in a press release:

These remarkable kids will defy the laws of nature to interact between two planes of reality: life and death. When their curiosity triggers a series of unexpected events, their adventures will lead them away from home and everything they know into dark, secret governmental conspiracies – including a mysterious U.S. Army general with his own nefarious plans.

Developed with the power of conscious wistfulness,  Crossing Souls introduces players to five different characters, and you will be tasked with mixing each one’s unique abilities and weapons to thoughtfully overcome all the challenges, obstacles, and enemies ahead of them. Crossing Souls sets players in a unique but familiar world, with the options to interact with hundreds of NPCs from different periods of time, decipher puzzles, explore secret places and unearth clandestine treasures.

And through their adventures, mishaps, discoveries and lessons, this band of accidental heroes will have an artifact of invaluable power: the Duat stone. With this artifact they will be able to connect to the death plane and the thousands of souls that exist there, awaiting their trial to be able to finally rest in peace.  But be careful, you’re not the only ones who know about the stone and want what powers it can grant…

Crossing Souls is in development now for PCs. You can find out more about it at the game’s Kickstarter page.

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