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Civilization VI To Update Diplomacy and AI Leadership

by on May 14, 2016

Of the many changes coming to Civilization VI, few are as requested as the improvement to the nations themselves, and the diplomatic aspect of the game. Now, nations won’t be so similar in terms of the leader in charge of them and how they interact with you as a player. Each one will be truly unique.

“In Civ 5, different civilizations felt very different when you were playing as them, but when they were AI opponents they felt very similar in that they had the same way they go about playing the game. You didn’t have to react as strongly as we would’ve liked to the fact that, wow, Ghengis is next to me, or one of these leaders who might have a crazy idea about what might be a nice thing to do in the Civilization world. We had Gandhi and a few other people that definitely have some quirks to them, but not as far as we wanted,” says Lead Designer Ed Beach to IGN.

Now though, it’s not that simple.

“We have a leader who’s obsessed with building Wonders. He’s good at it, but he’s pretty insistent that every game he needs to have more Wonders than every other single player in the game. If you suddenly are out-producing him in Wonders, he’s going to be irritable. You can pretty much guarantee that if you’re going to out-Wonder the Wonder-obsessed guy, you’re going to go to war with him.”

Furthermore, the way Diplomacy will be handled on screen has been changed for the better:

“The Diplomacy system in Civ 5 was kind of existing in a box. You went in, there was no information, so you left (or you used one of those amazing mods). “But the new Diplomacy UI is beautiful – there’s a plethora of information so you can make informed decisions when you’re going through a trade or just need information on the fly.”

Civilization VI arrives October 21st.

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