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Fan-Art Teaser Made For Last Of Us HBO Series

by Todd Blackon March 30, 2020
Any new things about The Last Of us Series? Any cool looks at art or the like? A lot of people are VERY excited for the upcoming Last of Us series that is headed to HBO and is co-made by some of the team behind the game via Naughty Dog. Certain fans can’t help but […]

Fortnite Getting “Unbelievable Things” in the Future

by Todd Blackon March 21, 2020
What’s next for Fortnite? Anything big? One of the things that has made Fortnite so special in the eyes of players is that the game keeps evolving. And that continues on in the year 2020. One developer has even gone onto the Subreddits and promised some “Unbelievable things” are coming to the game while also […]

The Last Of Us Getting HBO Series

by Todd Blackon March 6, 2020
Any updates on The Last Of Us Franchise? Aren’t they making a movie of it? The Last of Us has arguably been one of the most impactful games in the history of gaming, or at the very least, the last ten years, and while fans are still awaiting a sequel, plans were made by HBO […]
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New Elder Scrolls 6 Rumors Surface

by Todd Blackon March 6, 2020
What is the latest on Elder Scrolls 6? Where is it? Ever since its announcement, fans have been waiting in the wings for any and all information about The Elder Scrolls 6. However, Bethesda has been very tight-lipped, and fans haven’t gotten much. However, a new rumor has emerged and claims that the game won’t […]

Bungie Outlines Plans For Destiny 2 In 2020

by Todd Blackon February 27, 2020
Is Destiny 3 coming soon? Or are we getting more Destiny 2? The tale of Destiny 1 and Destiny 2 are ones that are tied to higher-ups imposing wills and the lack of many features that truly weighed both titles down. With developer Bungie now free from such things, you’d expect them to get Destiny […]

The Division 2 is Free-To-Play For Short Time

by Todd Blackon February 27, 2020
How is The Division 2 doing? Can I just jump in and play? While the Division 2 didn’t do as well as the original game did, Ubisoft is aiming to continue supporting it as long as gamers are involved. To that end, they’re trying to bring in more players by having a free-to-play weekend that […]

Final Fantasy XIV Patch 5.2 is Live!

by Todd Blackon February 22, 2020
What’s new in Final Fantasy XIV? Is the new patch live? This latest update to the critically acclaimed MMO brings new challenges to Warriors of Light not only on the First, but also on their home of the Source, where the Eorzean forces continue their fight against the Garlean Empire. The Patch 5.2x series brings […]

Opening Video for Final Fantasy VII Remake Released

by Todd Blackon February 14, 2020
Anything new with Final Fantasy VII Remake? How about a new look at the game? SQUARE ENIX today revealed the opening cinematic movie for one of the year’s most highly anticipated games, FINAL FANTASY VII REMAKE. The footage showcases the gorgeous visuals of the eclectic city of Midgar, backed by newly orchestrated, breath-taking music. In […]

Marvel’s Avengers Earth’s Mightiest Edition Announced

by Todd Blackon February 14, 2020
What’s the latest on the Avengers game? Is there a new special edition coming? The upcoming Avengers game from Square Enix has had a special edition announced: Earth’s Mightiest Edition includes everything available via Deluxe Edition of the game which contains six exclusive Heroic outfits in the Obsidian Outfit Pack, featuring sleek, new looks for […]
elder scrolls 6

Possible Update On Status Of Elder Scrolls VI

by Todd Blackon January 25, 2020
Where is news about Elder Scrolls VI? Any update on production? The Elder Scrolls has been some of the biggest and most popular games in recent console generations, with Oblivion and Skyrim winning all kinds of awards and fan acclaim. But of course, many have been wondering where Elder Scrolls VI is. The game was […]