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Capcom Releases Trailer For Next Ace Attorney Game

by on May 11, 2015

This time, Ace Attorney is going back to the past…to play the detective game that kicks ass. Next July Capcom will be releasing The Great Ace Attorney, the next game in the series, in Japan, but the game itself will take place in 19th century London.

Starring Phoenix Wright’s ancestor, The Great Ace Attorney follows a similar structure to previous games in the series, but with a couple new ideas thrown in like a jury interrogation mechanic. ….Now if you’re a detective in Victorian England, who do you expect to meet? Correct….Sherlock Holmes is in the game, and will help you on some cases.

In fact his assistant, Watson, is your sidekick before she’s ever his (Watson is a young pigtailed girl this time). Capcom put out a full trailer this morning showcasing how the game will look and feel.

There is no word on a localization for The Great Ace Attorney, nor if the game will get a physical or digital-only release. In Japan, the game will be released in physical form on July 9, 2015.

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