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Bethesda Loves The Nintendo Switch

by on November 22, 2016

Even though Skyrim was prominently displayed as one of the games running on Nintendo’s Switch during their introductory trailer, Bethesda has yet to officially announce the game is coming to Switch. It is extremely obvious, however.

Not only have we already seen Skyrim running on it (provided that wasn’t just digital trickery), but Todd Howard, director and executive producer at Bethesda, can’t stop gushing about how enthusiastic he is about the console-handheld hybrid’s potential.

“I love it. I got to play it. I will tell you — well, maybe that’s an [non-disclosure agreement] thing,” Howard told the website Glixel. “One of the best demos I’ve ever seen. Probably the best demo I’ve ever seen. At E3.”

“I think it’s really smart what they’re doing,” he continued. “We’re definitely going to be supporting it. It’s the first time we’ve done something on Nintendo. If you don’t count the old NES stuff. Home Alone. Or Where’s Waldo?” He just admitted to being responsible for Where’s Waldo — that’s how enthusiastic he is about Switch.

We wish Bethesda would hurry up and confirm Skyrim on Switch so we can get more details, chief among them if there are any graphical downgrades once you take it on the go. That question, however, was already answered in the interview with Howard. “It’s the same game on the TV and on the other screen,” he said.

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