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Bethesda Denies Comparisons Of Elder Scrolls Legends To Hearthstone

by on August 24, 2018

Was Elder Scrolls Legends made because of Hearthstone? If not, then how come they’re similar?

There’s a lot of parity in video games. By that, I mean that game developers will make something that’s like another property, and yet put their spin on it. It happens all the time actually. But, while this does happen, that doesn’t mean EVERY case of similarity is a case of a copycat. Case and point, Elder Scrolls: Legends and Hearthstone. Both are popular CCG titles, and yet Hearthstone came out first, which has led many to wondering if ESL was created because of that. Pete Hines of Bethesda spoke about this in an interview and noted:

“We started working on [Legends] before we knew Hearthstone existed,” he stated; “So no, it wasn’t an answer to that because we were working on Legends before then.”

Furthermore, he feels that the styles of the gameplay are different too:

“But we feel like we are just trying to hit a different part of the strategy card game spectrum then they are in.” continued Hines; “We’ve gotten a lot less of it now, I think people who have actually tried it have understood how different it is. At first glance, yes you’re playing cards onto a play space so sure, you could compare it to that. You could compare it to a lot of things. But I think it’s doing a number of things that are demonstrably different from Hearthstone that we feel good about what we’re doing and where we are going.”


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