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Bethesda Would Only Approve An Elder Scrolls Movie Under Specific Circumstances

by on August 9, 2016

There are announcements for new movies based on video games all the time, but if you haven’t noticed, none of them involve Bethesda properties. Marketing executive Pete Hines says the game studio is approached with offers to make movies out of its franchises ALL THE TIME, but usually those offers are refused. They’ve seen what Hollywood has done to other game franchises and are not pleased.

“Are we going to let some other person do their own interpretation of what Fallout is, or Elder Scrolls is, or Dishonored is? Or are we going to hold onto it and let the developers be the only ones that are able to say, ‘This is what Fallout is, or Elder Scrolls, or Wolfenstein, or whatever?’ So we want our developers to decide what our franchises are about and not a movie director, or producer, or studio,” he explained.

There is one exception that might make Bethesda consider an Elder Scrolls movie, and it would be if a specific person asked. A specific, barefoot, Hobbit-looking person.

“I think if Peter Jackson turned up at our office and said, ‘I want to do Elder Scrolls,’ well that would be a pretty serious conversation you would have to listen to. But I think Peter is probably pretty busy (laughs). So I don’t see us anytime soon looking at movies.”

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